Congratulations to the Winners of the Carleton Hobbs Bursary Awards

Congratulations to the Winners of the Carleton Hobbs Bursary Awards

Italia Conti has long been home to diverse talent and innovation in the performing arts. This year, our students have continued to uphold this tradition of excellence by showcasing their remarkable talents at the prestigious Carleton Hobbs Bursary Awards, achieving the winning place for the second year in a row.

This competition invites the best from drama schools across the UK to compete for a spot in the BBC Radio Drama Company.

How Did Students Prepare for Such a Prestigious Competition?

The competition involves several stages, beginning with internal auditions at Italia Conti in December. Out of many hopefuls, a select group of students advanced to represent our academy, bringing their skills and dedication to the fore. Following weeks of intense preparation and rehearsals, they submitted their performances, including three monologues, to the BBC panel.

The most important element of this competition is the live audition. This year, our finalists participated in an exhilarating process, performing duologues and prose readings before a panel of experts from the BBC, including renowned producers and directors. Their performances not only demonstrated their talent and passion for their craft but also their technical skills and ability to adapt and excel under pressure.

What Does Winning Mean for Our Students?

The results speak for themselves. We are thrilled to celebrate the success of Andi Bickers and Rabi Kondé, two of our third year BA (Hons) Acting student Andi received first place, securing an exciting five-month contract with the BBC Radio Drama Company, beginning in July, a testament to their exceptional talent and hard work.

As a runner-up, Rabi will also have the opportunity to work with the company, showcasing their hard work and the high calibre of training provided at Italia Conti.

Andi said of their achievement: “I was lucky enough to win Carleton Hobbs this year, which means I will join the BBC Radio Drama Company in July for five months. We also took home a runner-up prize, which means Rabi will be cast as a freelance actor in one of their productions. We were also mentioned in the commendations for each category. I am so happy and proud of us both.

A Proud Moment for Italia Conti

Italia Conti, a journey that is constantly evolving and growing. In 2024, Andi Bickers clinched the winner’s spot, with Rabi Kondé as the deserving runner-up. Special commendations were also extended to Andi and Rabi for their captivating duologue from Light Falls, as well as Andi’s poignant prose reading from Vera Brittain’s letter, along with monologues from A Miracle and One Of Them Ones, and Rabi’s powerful monologue from Small Island.

Another winner from Italia Conti is Chloë Sommer in 2022, garnering special commendations for Best Solo (Pre-recorded Contemporary) and Best Duologue alongside Sophie Moss and Kitty O’Sullivan for Best Solo (Contemporary).

Last year was also a success, where Kitty claimed victory and Rosie Mellett secured the runner-up position. We recognise the stellar performances of both Andi and Rabi, alongside past achievers like Chloë, Kitty and Rosie. These achievements underscore our dedicated coaching and the immense potential of our students to make waves in the professional drama arena.

A special thanks must go to Rhiannon Kneads and Max Aspon, whose mentorship was crucial in guiding our students to this success. Their dedication and expertise in nurturing talent have been instrumental throughout the process.

As we celebrate these achievements, we look forward to these talented individuals’ future contributions to the arts! They have made us proud and set a high standard for future participants in this distinguished competition.

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  • “I have just graduated from Liverpool Theatre School with a Level 6 Diploma in Professional Musical Theatre. I wanted to do the BA Hons (Top Up) in Professional Arts Practice course to further develop my skills for the industry. It is the perfect balance between academic writing and creativity. I already have seen improvements, both in my academic and performing work, and I now really value the ability to critically reflect on past experiences in order to improve my current skills.”

    - Sarah Collinge – Musical Theatre Performer Current Student, Class of July 2024
  • “I have found that my first term at Italia Conti has been better than I could’ve imagined. I am working with driven, passionate, likeminded people within all different realms of the performing arts industry. I find that the course is very tailored to each individual and the content is broad enough to apply to everyone but specific enough to challenge each person within their abilities. I find the course to be a place where I can collaborate and interact with people who I’d never had met otherwise. I only look forward to what the next few months of the course bring and feel more motivated than ever.”

    - Kate Drummond – Actor Current Student, Class of July 2024
  • Current Student, Class of July 2024
    “The course is allowing me to reflect on my past practice, current position, and future endeavours. I really enjoy how flexible the course is, with regards to being able to tailor my studies to my own practice, enabling me to maximise the benefits of this on my future career. I expect my professional development to be impacted exponentially and I am excited to continue!”

    - Amy-Jo Sumner – Musical Theatre Performer
  • “Italia Conti’s BA Top up course was the one for me! Creating a business in under 9 months has been a massive accomplishment! The course really helps shape your future, enables you to meet professional contacts to support your research, and gives you lots of time to understand the area of the industry you want to specialise in.”

    - Rachel Ward – Performing Arts Tutor Graduate, BA Top up Class of Sept 2022
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