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About Us

Italia Conti Dubai is the first international branch of Italia Conti, UK.

Italia Conti has always recognised that the industry demands excellent training standards in all areas.

We offer exceptional training for students aged 5 to 18, nurturing the talents of young performers, and providing them with the comprehensive skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to excel in the performing arts.

Alice Forde-Standish – Principal

Alice is an award-winning performer and established choreographer. She was scouted at age 14 as a gifted choreographer by John Moores University in Liverpool where she was chosen to teach classes, give workshops and train students competitively.  Alice has grown up in a theatrical family and has been involved in theatre from a very young age. She has performed and competed across the UK in a variety of arenas, theatres and TV shows (ITV’s Got to Dance).

Alice has won titles along the way such as UDO UK Hip Hop Champions and British Troupe Champions. She has choreographed theatrical productions, music videos, catwalks as well as performing arts showcases and 100’s of competitive routines.

Alice has trained in Ballet, Tap, Street dance, Commercial, Contemporary, and Musical theatre since the age of 4. She has continued to refine her skills while attending Dolphin Dance Studios Performing Arts College of Liverpool, where she gained her IDTA (International Dance Teachers’ Association) Teaching Qualification. Alice further expanded her expertise by pursuing a Master’s Degree in Dance Technique Pedagogy and Professional Practice, which she completed in 2018. Alice is also a member of the ISTD. Her specialisations include Commercial, Contemporary, and Theatre Jazz.

Alice’s influence has nurtured rising stars, with her protégés securing coveted placements in further education institutions and esteemed conservatories such as Urdang, Tring, Hurtwood House YDA, Royal Ballet School,English National Ballet, Laines, Arts Ed and more alongside earning scholarships to renowned institutions like the Joffrey School of Hip Hop and Royal Ballet Intensives. Continuing to shape her career in the Middle East, Alice relocated to Qatar and then the UAE. During this time, she established and managed multiple dance schools, choreographed musical theatre productions for schools, and honed students’ skills over the past decade in the MENA region.

Alice has been in Dubai since 2017 teaching students to an exceptionally high technical standard with numerous award-winning entries to various dance competitions across the region.
Alice is also part of the dance faculty to the Sharjah Performing Academy ( the first performing arts conservatoire in the MENA region). She teaches across the Level 6 Trinity diploma in dance and Musical Theatre BA programme.

From a young age, Alice has exuded an unwavering passion for teaching. She takes immense pride in fostering an environment where each student is empowered to explore and uncover their unique potential in her classes.

What we do

At Italia Conti Associate School Dubai, we are committed to fostering the development of our students in a supportive and inspiring environment. Join us and become part of a legacy of excellence in performing arts education.


Our acting classes are designed to help students discover themselves and the art of acting, with a focus on both screen and live theatre performance. Through these classes, students will find their voice, build their confidence, and learn the nuances of acting across different mediums.

We also have a phenomenal vocal coach who will help each student understand their voice and its capabilities.


Our extensive dance program covers a wide array of styles, including jazz, commercial, contemporary, lyrical, ballet, tap, acrobatics, aerial silks, repertoire, Progressive Ballet Technique (PBT), and advanced turns and jumps. This diverse curriculum ensures that our students receive well-rounded training, preparing them for various opportunities in the dance industry.

Our extensive dance program covers a variety of styles, including: Jazz, Commercial, Contemporary, Lyrical, Ballet, Tap, Acrobatics, Aerial Silks, Repertoire, Progressive Ballet Technique (PBT),  Advanced Turns and Jumps

This diverse curriculum ensures students receive well-rounded training, preparing them for various opportunities in the dance industry. Our highly qualified instructors are committed to delivering top-tier education, focusing on each student’s growth and mastery of technique.


This complete program immerses students in the world of musical theatre, equipping them with the essential skills to understand and perform in this dynamic genre. As part of our Teen Foundation Course, students have the exclusive opportunity to join our Musical Theatre Company, gaining invaluable practical experience in musical productions.


We offer exceptional vocal coaching, helping each student understand their voice and its capabilities. Our phenomenal vocal coach works with students to enhance their vocal versatility and performance skills, always emphasizing high-quality instruction and individual progress.


Our professional course is tailored for those who aspire to enter the industry and gain admission to some of the world’s top-performing arts universities, such as Italia Conti. This course, reserved for students who display the most potential, provides training equivalent to that of a full-time performing arts school without requiring students to leave their academic studies.

The professional course is divided into three age groups: Lower Junior Pro’s (ages 9-11), Upper Junior Pro’s (ages 12-14), and Advanced Pro’s (ages 15-18).

With limited availability, these classes are kept small to focus on each student’s personal growth.

Entry to this course is subject to a successful audition.


The Teen Foundation Course at Italia Conti Associate School Dubai is proud to offer of designed for students aged 13-18. This part-time program, led by energetic faculty, prepares students for our Advanced Professional Course and full-time studies. The curriculum covers essential performing arts skills: actors gain physical agility and vocal versatility, singers learn movement and acting, and dancers develop acting and vocal skills. Emphasizing ‘theatre-as-playing,’ students engage in all production aspects, from rehearsal techniques to performance, fostering a comprehensive understanding and innovative approach to theatre.

We are thrilled to offer this exceptional training to students in Dubai, fostering their development in a supportive and inspiring environment. Join us at Italia Conti Associate School Dubai and become part of a legacy of excellence in performing arts education.

  • Actors gain physical agility and vocal versatility.
  • Singers learn movement and acting skills.
  • Dancers develop acting and vocal skills.

Entry to this course is subject to a successful audition.

Further Information

Age Range

5 to 18 yrs



Dubai Hills Estate


Uniforms are available to purchase from our studios.


The safety and wellbeing of our students is of paramount importance at Italia Conti Associates.

Our students are taught and cared for by experienced, trained, DBS checked staff. A minimum of two trained First Aiders are always present.

We recommend students bring plenty of water and snacks with them to sessions.


Please contact us to get the most up-to-date price list.

  • Multiple Class Discounts are available.
  • Bundle packages for available for procures and Teen Foundation courses.

Term Dates

  • Term 1 Monday September 3rd 2024 – Sunday 15th December 2024 (15 Weeks)
  • Term 2 Monday January 6th 2025 – Sunday 23rd March 2025 (11 Weeks)
  • Term 3 Monday 7th April 2025 – Sunday 29th June 2025 (12 Weeks)