About Italia Conti

Mission Statement

Italia Conti’s mission is to provide excellent training, education and support that produces exceptional multi-talented graduates who acquire the very best roles available, develop successful long-term careers and, in turn, contribute to the education and training of their successors at Italia Conti.

Our Values

At the heart of our value system is a commitment to:

  • Excellence: we are committed to excellence in everything that we do.
  • Individuality: we welcome diverse student talents and support them to develop their own unique combination of styles, skills and attributes.
  • Social inclusion and diversity: we want talented performers whatever their background and circumstances.
  • Supportive and nurturing environment; that enables all students to belong fully to our community and to do their very best.
  • Well-rounded, comprehensive training and vocational education; All our programmes. develop the full range of skills and attributes required to perform at the highest levels. In musical theatre this means pursuit of the ‘Triple threat’ -performers able to excel in all aspects of acting, dancing and singing. In acting it means ‘theatre makers’, strong in movement and singing as well as acting. In dance, it means producing versatile dancers, who are artists and content generators as well as executants of established forms and requirements.

Our Key Objectives

  • To provide a safe environment in which our learners can be trained and educated to develop and broaden their skills to their individual highest possible standard.
  • To provide a programme of training that takes account of industry needs and current teaching and learning trends.
  • To provide a  curriculum that recognises individual needs and aspirations with a training process designed to nurture confidence, self-esteem, acknowledgement of personal strength and the true fulfilment of technical and artistic potential.
  • To provide the industry with skilful individuals who are can confidently demonstrate and respond to the needs of an ever-changing and demanding profession.
  • “I have just graduated from Liverpool Theatre School with a Level 6 Diploma in Professional Musical Theatre. I wanted to do the BA Hons (Top Up) in Professional Arts Practice course to further develop my skills for the industry. It is the perfect balance between academic writing and creativity. I already have seen improvements, both in my academic and performing work, and I now really value the ability to critically reflect on past experiences in order to improve my current skills.”

    - Sarah Collinge – Musical Theatre Performer Current Student, Class of July 2024
  • “I have found that my first term at Italia Conti has been better than I could’ve imagined. I am working with driven, passionate, likeminded people within all different realms of the performing arts industry. I find that the course is very tailored to each individual and the content is broad enough to apply to everyone but specific enough to challenge each person within their abilities. I find the course to be a place where I can collaborate and interact with people who I’d never had met otherwise. I only look forward to what the next few months of the course bring and feel more motivated than ever.”

    - Kate Drummond – Actor Current Student, Class of July 2024
  • Current Student, Class of July 2024
    “The course is allowing me to reflect on my past practice, current position, and future endeavours. I really enjoy how flexible the course is, with regards to being able to tailor my studies to my own practice, enabling me to maximise the benefits of this on my future career. I expect my professional development to be impacted exponentially and I am excited to continue!”

    - Amy-Jo Sumner – Musical Theatre Performer
  • “Italia Conti’s BA Top up course was the one for me! Creating a business in under 9 months has been a massive accomplishment! The course really helps shape your future, enables you to meet professional contacts to support your research, and gives you lots of time to understand the area of the industry you want to specialise in.”

    - Rachel Ward – Performing Arts Tutor Graduate, BA Top up Class of Sept 2022
  • I’m a professional dancer but have taught only ballet. These classes are EXACTLY what I was looking for to show some basics of contemp for my students !! Absolutely love every single Video

    - @ginamusaelyan2307 – Italia Conti Virtual
  • I’ve watched a lot of your videos and I love every single one that she teaches. THANK YOU. Gorgeous movement.

    - @debbied3464 – Italia Conti Virtual
  • Amazing class, one of the best I’ve ever done. So easy to follow, thank you!

    - @yellowbeachgirl – Italia Conti Virtual
  • I’m a dancer in LA and can’t keep up with my peers on how often they take dance classes. This channel has been so helpful for me to keep up my training. Thank you for sharing this with the world. I feel like we are all dancing together even though we are all doing this at different times and in different spaces. 🖤

    - @SarahPaceSings – Italia Conti Virtual
  • Best ballet teacher on the internet Great explanation, enthusiasm and commentary throughout the exercise!

    - @annajones6805 – Italia Conti Virtual