Fees & Funding

Italia Conti welcome applications for audition fee waivers. The following criteria applies:​

  • Written application needs to be made to the finance team using the template below.
  • You will need to evidence that your household has an income under £25000 p/a.
  • Evidence can be given in the following formats:
    • A P60 or self-assessment return for the tax year 2022-23 for each parent/guardian in the household.
    • Confirmation that you are in or have recently left the care system.
    • You are an independent (18 years+) that has not lived in the family home for more than 24 months and have been self-supporting.
  • Please attach a copy of your passport as proof of residency
  • Application needs to be in writing with the relevant evidence before an application is assessed
  • Agreed applications will be emailed with information on how to access the application process with a fee waiver agreement


If you meet the criteria for an audition fee waiver, please complete the application form below. Once received and our team have reviewed your case, we will contact you via email.