MA Creative Arts Practice

Qualification | MA / PgDip

Programme Leader | Jenny Coyle

Validated by | University of Chichester

Location | Online

Programme Length | 15 months, Full-Time / 30 months, Part-time

Start Date | September 2024

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Italia Conti’s MA Creative Arts Practice programme is designed to nurture and develop innovative and individual artists, creatives and practitioners, who embody and apply specialist skills and techniques supported by grounded knowledge of industry practices, contexts, and the emerging requirements that empower graduates for a sustainable career in various performing arts based contexts including creative arts leadership and management, education, arts administration, fundraising and development, and performance practice.

The programme is validated by University of Chichester. Full government funding is available through Postgraduate funding for Home students.


Welcome to the Masters in Creative Arts Practice, an enriching journey designed to empower and elevate your creative journey within the realm of performing arts and creative industries.

Programme Structure

The MA in Creative Arts Practice consists of four modules, tailored to sharpen your reflection, research skills, industry engagement, and professional development. Whether you’re a performer, an entrepreneur, an arts administrator, or hoping to move into a creative role in theatre/performing arts, this programme is your compass to navigate and excel in a contemporary, creative industry. 

Module 1: Reflecting on your Creative Practice

In Module 1, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery as you explore the art of reflection, delving into a critical analysis of your own work, uncovering opportunities for growth and development, exploring ways to refine and hone your practice. You will engage with a range of reflective models, connecting them to your creative practice, and predict avenues for personal, professional, and artistic advancement in the form of a written essay. You will then present an overview of your artistic practice, exploring and analysing your experiences so far, assessing and challenging your own preconceptions, and predicting what opportunities might arise that can impact your personal, professional, and artistic growth.

Module 2: The Creative Researcher

You will have the opportunity to explore research methodologies, an industry specialist area, and career mapping with Module 2. You will explore an array of creative research methodologies, and the relationship between your academic work and your creative work, presenting this through a written essay. You will take an intensive look into your chosen area of industry, taking a deep-dive into the realistic aims and objectives you have, and presenting this information via a visual presentation. To finish this module, you will create a tailored Continuous Professional Development programme, detailing your personal and professional strategies moving forward to further develop your career.

Module 3: The Creative Artist

In Module 3, you will create a series of reflective case studies, bridging your industry experiences with your academic insights. Through a combination of creating reflective case studies alongside engaging, short-form video content, you’ll reflect on relevant industry examples from your work/experience and explore current research regarding your specialism. This module offers the opportunity for you to explore, investigate, discuss and analyse your real-world experiences, further developing a deep understanding of your professional practice, whether focusing on one type of creative career path, or balancing a multi-skilled/multi-hyphenate career.

Module 4: The Innovative Professional

Module 4 is your canvas for creating a professional strategy that aligns with your career aspirations, allowing you to innovate, strategise, and envision your path forward. You will design and execute an innovation project through practice research, allowing continuous development as you undertake the work and progress through the module.
The second task of the module is the creation of a Professional Charter; detailing your personal and professional approaches to work, creating a values-led approach to leadership and development, and gaining a high level of understanding regarding your own work ethic.

The Professional Charter can be taken into your work moving forward, allowing you to make firm and more confident decisions, create or understand personal policies and processes, and gain a high level of professional identity.

Your final task of the MA programme is an assessed tutorial, where your progress, research and future practice will be discussed with a panel, celebrating/championing your academic and practical achievements over the time on the programme.

Prepare to transform your practice and delve deep into the heart of your creativity, reflect on your achievements, and innovate your practice moving forward.


UK Tuition Fees | £9000 (full-time), £4,900 per year (part-time)

International Students | £13,449 (full time), £7,150 per year (part-time) 

Deposit | £150 (The deposit is refundable within 14 calendar days of the payment being received by Italia Conti but will not be refunded thereafter for non-enrolment. It will be held by the School and will be refundable on completion of the programme, without interest, less any outstanding sums owed by the student to Italia Conti.)

The MA programme offers the following funding options:

  • Private Funding
  • Student Finance


International applicants to the MA Creative Arts Practice are welcomed, as this is an online distance learning programme that does not require residency or physical attendance in the UK. 


Terms and conditions apply upon acceptance to Italia Conti.


The programme is validated by the University of Chichester. Full government funding is available through Postgraduate funding for Home students.

Deposit Fee Waiver

Italia Conti welcomes applications for deposit fee waivers for those who are eligible.

  • “I have just graduated from Liverpool Theatre School with a Level 6 Diploma in Professional Musical Theatre. I wanted to do the BA Hons (Top Up) in Professional Arts Practice course to further develop my skills for the industry. It is the perfect balance between academic writing and creativity. I already have seen improvements, both in my academic and performing work, and I now really value the ability to critically reflect on past experiences in order to improve my current skills.”

    - Sarah Collinge – Musical Theatre Performer Current Student, Class of July 2024
  • “I have found that my first term at Italia Conti has been better than I could’ve imagined. I am working with driven, passionate, likeminded people within all different realms of the performing arts industry. I find that the course is very tailored to each individual and the content is broad enough to apply to everyone but specific enough to challenge each person within their abilities. I find the course to be a place where I can collaborate and interact with people who I’d never had met otherwise. I only look forward to what the next few months of the course bring and feel more motivated than ever.”

    - Kate Drummond – Actor Current Student, Class of July 2024
  • Current Student, Class of July 2024
    “The course is allowing me to reflect on my past practice, current position, and future endeavours. I really enjoy how flexible the course is, with regards to being able to tailor my studies to my own practice, enabling me to maximise the benefits of this on my future career. I expect my professional development to be impacted exponentially and I am excited to continue!”

    - Amy-Jo Sumner – Musical Theatre Performer
  • “Italia Conti’s BA Top up course was the one for me! Creating a business in under 9 months has been a massive accomplishment! The course really helps shape your future, enables you to meet professional contacts to support your research, and gives you lots of time to understand the area of the industry you want to specialise in.”

    - Rachel Ward – Performing Arts Tutor Graduate, BA Top up Class of Sept 2022
  • I’m a professional dancer but have taught only ballet. These classes are EXACTLY what I was looking for to show some basics of contemp for my students !! Absolutely love every single Video

    - @ginamusaelyan2307 – Italia Conti Virtual
  • I’ve watched a lot of your videos and I love every single one that she teaches. THANK YOU. Gorgeous movement.

    - @debbied3464 – Italia Conti Virtual
  • Amazing class, one of the best I’ve ever done. So easy to follow, thank you!

    - @yellowbeachgirl – Italia Conti Virtual
  • I’m a dancer in LA and can’t keep up with my peers on how often they take dance classes. This channel has been so helpful for me to keep up my training. Thank you for sharing this with the world. I feel like we are all dancing together even though we are all doing this at different times and in different spaces. 🖤

    - @SarahPaceSings – Italia Conti Virtual
  • Best ballet teacher on the internet Great explanation, enthusiasm and commentary throughout the exercise!

    - @annajones6805 – Italia Conti Virtual

Entry Requirements

  • An honours degree at 2:2 or higher in a related discipline 
  • Relevant employment or experience 
  • If English is not your first language then English language proficiency required is IELTS Level 6 

Recognition of Prior Learning

Applicants who have already completed up to 90 credits at Masters Level may use these credits to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) towards the total of 180 credits to gain the MA Creative Arts Education. Please note that RPL may affect your eligibility for any Postgraduate loan. For details go to


To apply for the MA in Creative Arts Practice, or to find out more information, please contact the Course Leader, Jenny Coyle.


Upon receipt of the Italia Conti application form, applicants will be invited to an interview with the Programme Leader to assess suitability for the programme. Please be prepared to discuss your: 

  • Educational Background / Prior Learning 
  • Experience in Creative Arts Education 
  • Reason for further study 
  • Goal upon graduation from the Masters programme. 

Applicants can also use the interview as an opportunity to ask for more specific information about the programme. 

Career Prospects

Performer – elevate your career as a performer, actor, musician, or artist by honing your skills and reflecting on your craft, enabling you to excel in your chosen creative field. 

Creative Entrepreneur – launch, manage and deliver your own creative business, production company, or creative venture with the skills and innovative thinking developed during the programme 

Freelancer / Self-employed Creative – offer your skills for various projects, such as directing, producing, project management, writing, editing, overseeing and coordinating creative projects 

Operations Coordinator/Arts Admin – hone your skills in operations, providing valuable organisational support, managing budgets and finance 

Arts Educator/Facilitator – become an inspiring arts educator, shaping the next generation of creative talents by blending your artistic expertise with teaching skills. 

Creative Consultant – offer your expertise to individuals and companies seeking guidance on creative projects and strategies 

Community Arts Facilitator – engage with communities by facilitating arts programmes, working with local people, young people, children, and more. 

Arts Researcher – pursue a career in academic research, contributing to the advancement of knowledge in the creative arts through research projects, practice research and engaging in writing/publishing.

Industry Links

Visiting Lecturers – opportunities to engage with industry professionals, creatives, specialist performing arts educators and leaders in their fields. External practitioners will be able to share their insights, experiences, and expertise, providing students with current knowledge and exposure to current trends and practices in the field. 

Professional mentors and 1-1 tutorials – opportunities to connect with an industry professional for mentorship, tutorials and guidance. 

Digital Networking Events – opportunities to engage with digital networking events, workshops or seminars where you can meet industry professionals, engage with fellow students as well as alumni, creating valuable connections with the potential to lead to future collaborations or job opportunities. 

Alumni Networks – opportunities to engage with alumni networks of your institution, receiving mentorship, job referrals, or collaborative opportunities. 

Career Services – providing guidance, job postings, funding opportunities, and industry insights tailored to your field, helping you to identify and pursue job opportunities within the performing arts and creative industries. 

Industry Panels and Discussions – opportunities to engage with, organise and facilitate panel discussions, forums, conferences, where industry professionals and experts can discuss challenges, barriers, trends, and innovations.