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Course | Back 2 Ballet | Back 2 Musical Theatre | Back 2 Acting

Course Leader | Graham Newell

Course Length | Three days

Location | Woking

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Rediscover your passion for performance with our captivating range of short courses in Ballet, Musical Theatre, and Acting!

Whether you’re eager to take bold and graceful steps in ballet, a musical enthusiast preparing to shine on stage, or want to refresh your Acting Techniques and Styles, our immersive workshops and classes offer a vibrant and supportive learning environment for every student.

Our Short Courses are Ideal for students returning to full-time training, young professionals wanting to brush up their skills or people wanting to experience new techniques in performance.

Available classes:

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Elevate your artistry and unleash your potential with our exclusive ‘Back to Ballet’ Course!

For ages 15+ – Younger students may be accepted on a case-by-case basis if they have completed their RAD Elementary Exam

25-26 April 2024

Whether you’ve taken a brief hiatus or wish to reignite your love for dance, this transformative programme will rejuvenate your technique, strength, and physical musicality.

Led by seasoned Italia Conti tutors, each class will immerse you in a nurturing environment that fosters growth and inspires creativity to prepare you for your developmental training ahead. From refining your relevé to perfecting your pirouettes, our three-day course will elevate you to new heights while reigniting your passion for Ballet.

Sessions will be tailored to ability and could include:

  • General & Advanced Ballet
  • Body Conditioning for Ballet
  • Virtuosity
  • Pointe Work
  • Solo Repertoire
  • Group Repertoire
  • Pas De Deux

Apply now and take advantage of this opportunity to build your strength, focus in on your technical abilities, and enhance your physical expression.


Unlock your potential and dive back into the world of musical theatre with our uniquely designed ‘Back to Musical Theatre’ Course!

For ages 15+

25-26 April 2024

This three-day programme is designed specifically to provide an exploration into the key skills that make musical theatre captivating and impactful.

Whether returning to study, preparing for auditions, or just looking to enhance skills, join us for an immersive experience packed full of insightful workshops, vocal development sessions, multi-genre dance classes, dynamic strength and conditioning training all led by passionate Italia Conti tutors.

Sessions will include:

  • Singing Musicianship
  • Fitness & Body Conditioning
  • Stretching & Flexibility
  • Jazz Technique
  • Ballet Technique
  • Jazz Performance
  • Contemporary Dance Performance
  • Acting Workshops
  • Singing Workouts

Apply now and don’t miss this incredible opportunity to hone your skills, grow as a performer and prepare yourself for your next stage of training.

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Ignite your passion for Acting with our immersive ‘Back to Acting’ course!

For ages 15+

25-26 April 2024

Designed for beginners and intermediate-level actors, this transformative 3-day programme will introduce or refresh your experience with preparing and working on a multitude of Acting Techniques and Styles. Under the guidance of Italia Conti tutors, you’ll enhance your confidence to improvise, learn techniques to approach text, discover how to physically inhabit and vocally portray a character and build your skills in working with other actors.

Sessions will include:

  •  Voice
  • Actors Movement
  • Devices & Techniques
  • Improvising & Devising
  • Audition Approach & Technique
  • Scene Work
  • Character Development

This course culminates in a small studio-sharing session, where you’ll have the opportunity to showcase your progress to fellow participants. It’s the perfect environment to celebrate your growth and gain valuable feedback from your peers and tutors.

Whether you’re preparing for college auditions, seeking to refine your skills, or simply interested in deepening your understanding of how to portray a scene, ‘Back to Acting’ offers a unique and enriching experience.

Apply now and unlock your full potential as an actor. You’ll gain the confidence and skills needed to approach a character with authenticity and clarity.

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