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What is student support?

The fundamental ethos of Italia Conti is to provide a safe, supportive and inclusive environment for students to explore their creative potential, and as a result, we have a reputation for nurturing individuality.

Italia Conti prides itself on the supportive and caring ‘family’ atmosphere we offer our students. This is made possible by the relatively small number of students on site, combined with high student/tutor contact hours. Support is a priority for our students and is provided through a multifaceted approach. Students have access to designated Heads of Year for administrative, pastoral and training support and receive regular individual tutorials with assigned course tutors. For specific training/academic support students have access to subject specialist Head Tutors and Course Leaders. All members of staff conduct classes in a supportive and mutually respectful manner.

Student Representatives are elected to consider and communicate student perspectives on academic and pastoral issues, both within and across the year groups, in formally and informally scheduled meetings. Students receive peer support from Course Reps as well as having an Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity (EDI) Rep as a channel to highlight and promote EDI issues, ideas and good practices. Italia Conti’s ‘open door’ policy allows students to fully communicate with their peers and staff and they are encouraged to express and discuss any difficulties they may be experiencing.

Students on courses validated by UEL also have access to some services via the UEL collaborative student entitlement agreements.

We have a dedicated Learning Support Tutor, who works closely with our welfare team, Heads of Year and teaching staff. Support is personalised to meet the needs of our students, including where practicable and appropriate, differentiated teaching strategies and reasonable adjustments. Support and adjustment, particularly in practical disciplines, will be discussed on a case-by-case basis, according to the individual students’ needs and the needs of the subject being studied. Students who have declared an Additional Learning Support or Disability need will automatically be offered a regular support session. Additionally, students can request a referral or self-refer to Additional Learning Support via their Head of Year, Welfare or course administrator. Drop-in academic tutorials and assessment clinics are also made available to students on an ad hoc basis.

The Safeguarding and Wellbeing Lead (Designated Safeguarding Lead) is always available on-site. We have a designated Wellbeing area, staffed by Wellbeing Team members during operating hours. The Wellbeing Team also provides first aid support and immediate injury management advice, as well as access to external services such as counselling. There is a close working relationship between Course teams and the Wellbeing Service to ensure student needs are communicated effectively and appropriate support is put in place.



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  • im a professional dancer but have taught only ballet. These classes are EXACTLY what I was looking for to show some basics of contemp for my students !! Absolutely love every single Video

    - @ginamusaelyan2307 – ICV
  • I’ve watched a lot of your videos and I love every single one that she teaches. THANK YOU. Gorgeous movement.

    - @debbied3464 – ICV
  • Amazing class, one of the best I’ve ever done. So easy to follow, thank you!

    - @yellowbeachgirl – ICV
  • I’m a dancer in LA and can’t keep up with my peers on how often they take dance classes. This channel has been so helpful for me to keep up my training. Thank you for sharing this with the world. I feel like we are all dancing together even though we are all doing this at different times and in different spaces. 🖤

    - @SarahPaceSings – ICV
  • Best ballet teacher on the internet Great explanation, enthusiasm and commentary throughout the exercise!

    - @annajones6805 – ICV
  • Thank you! It’s such a blessing to be able to access these exercises for free at home. I really truly appreciate it. Beautiful work from both in the video here

    - @hebeallworthy952 – ICV
  • It’s fantastic. Showcases, shows, summer shows, carol concerts. It’s very full on but I don’t wake up regretting coming here. It is the best thing ever!

    - Sam Tutty – BA (Hons) Musical Theatre graduate
  • “The college provides you with a disciplined, yet family atmosphere that trains you to become the best of the best moving forwards into the performing arts industry.”

    - James Kemp – Diploma in Professional Musical Theatre Graduate
  • “Italia Conti has helped me in terms of my acting development, but also as a person and how I engage and view the world, which aids me as an actor.”

    - Henry Brackenridge – BA (Hons) Acting Graduate