The outbreak of Covid-19 is an unprecedented global crisis which has caused a profound impact on our everyday lives, jobs and businesses. These unforeseeable circumstances have demanded a top to bottom review of our operations as we try and navigate our way through this extremely difficult time.


Following an extensive and thorough internal review, it is with regret that we have had to take the heart-breaking decision to close the Junior School at the Italia Conti Academy at the end of July 2021. 


As I am sure you can appreciate, this has been an incredibly difficult decision to make and one we have considered long and hard. If you have any queries regarding this, please email Admin@ItaliaConti.co.uk

Qualification | GCSE's

Head Teacher | Glynis Rodgers

Validated by | Ofsted, Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI),

                      Independant Schools Association (ISA)

Location | Theatre School (Barbican)

Course Length | 5 Years, Full-Time
Start Date | Beginning of any term (students can join at any time)


Having been a by-word in theatre training for generations, Italia Conti is the preferred choice for most parents seeking a broad based, sound and effective Academic and Theatre Arts education for their child. 


The Theatre Arts School (for ages 10 - 16) excels in its provision in three essential areas for a young person - education, training and personal development.

Italia Conti Theatre Arts School is accredited by The Independent Schools Joint Council and monitored by the Independent Schools Inspectorate.

General education takes place in years 7 - 9, followed by GCSE's in years 10 and 11. Pupils are encouraged to take all subjects at GCSE level to gain as many qualifications as possible. In addition, vocational qualifications in dance are offered through the ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing) syllabus in Classical Ballet, Modern Dance and Tap Dance and acting examinations are offered through LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts).

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Italia Conti Theatre Arts School aims to provide education and training opportunities at both academic and vocational level, to a diverse student population interested in performing careers. Our curriculum includes a range of subjects to ensure all round education in both areas. Pupils who achieve the necessary skill levels are encouraged to take external examinations in theatre disciplines with recognised outside boards (ISTD and LAMDA).


​Academic studies include:

  • Art

  • Dance (GCSE)

  • Drama (GCSE)

  • English

  • History

  • Mathematics

  • Personal & Social Education

  • Religious Education

  • Science

  • Spanish


​Vocational studies include:

  • Acting & Voice (including LAMDA)

  • Classical Ballet

  • Jazz Dance

  • Modern Dance

  • Musical Theatre & Production

  • Singing

  • Tap Dance


AThe course runs the same as any other school, 5 days a week (Monday to Friday) during term time. The day begins at 8.45am and runs until 6pm as we have a lot on the timetable! Occasionally pupils may be required to attend additional rehearsals and exam sessions outside of term time. 


A typical day consists of half the day academic studies and the other half vocational performance classes, for example, the morning may include English, Maths, Spanish and History, followed by Ballet, Tap, Acting and Singing in the afternoon.

We see our pupils as individuals and maximise achievement through small teaching groups and highly qualified and skilled staff. This is a major benefit to our pupils and is monitored on an annual basis.

Italia Conti staff monitor the academic and pastoral care of each pupil and work closely with parents. Full reports are sent home every half term following formal examinations. This in depth provision ensures that parents are kept well informed of their child’s progress. There is an annual meeting between parents and subject teachers for each year group, and parents are always welcome to visit school at any time during the academic year. Homework is an essential part of the learning programme and all pupils are given a homework timetable and homework planner to help them organise their time. Parents play a vital role in monitoring homework and excellent communication is in place through email, telephone and pupil’s planner.



Whilst most young people choose to join The Theatre Arts School because they wish to start training for a lifelong career in 'show business', Academy staff are conscious of the need to ensure that all Theatre Arts School graduates have the widest possible range of choice available to them at 16. 


Pupils study a range of academic subjects at Key Stage 3 and add GCSEs in Drama and Dance during Years 10 and 11. The GCSE pass rate is excellent with the Academy topping the local borough in the annual DFES league table of results. Whilst the majority of our pupils opt to go on to further study with the Academy, those who choose to pursue a different course find their entry facilitated by their Italia Conti experience.



Today's Italia Conti pupils will be the leaders of the entertainment industry of tomorrow. As such they must acquire the highest standard of skill in the exposition of their art and also an intuitive understanding of the basic concept of entertainment. Our pupils are 'thinking performers' whose careers can be expected to break new ground in an industry which is continually changing and forever seeking new media outlets. Pupils gain a firm grasp of traditional skills in dance, acting, singing and musical theatre in an environment where their peers exude talent and imaginative creativity. With teachers whose training, experience and understanding of the needs of the industry are second to none, this is a recipe for outstanding success. 

The course content prepares the pupils for professional work by integrating the technical, theoretical and artistic concepts in performance. Whilst maintaining attendance in technical classes, pupils are expected to acquire and develop depth and style and are given the opportunity to showcase this at various venues. Guest choreographers and directors support the school faculty in opening the performers’ eyes and minds to all the possibilities that lie ahead.


Students are coached in various genres within each disipline. Singing includes vocal technique, building of a reportoire, understanding of how the voice works, breathing, working as a group to develop harmony, microphone technique and the study and practise of many different genres including musical theatre, classical and rock / pop singing. Within Acting students explore acting technique, play production, scriptwork, acting for camera, improvisation, voice work, accent coaching, practitioner theories, drama, comedy and classical work, including Shakespeare. Dance training covers many different styles including Classical Ballet, Tap, Modern Theatre, Jazz, Contemporary, Commercial / Street, Hip-Hop and Partner Work. Emphasis is placed on technique, strength, flexibility, dynamic, style, artistry and performance. All skills are combined in Musical Theatre and strong focus is also placed on audition preparation. 


Throughout the course pupils who achieve the necessary skill levels are encouraged to take external examinations in varying theatre disciplines with recognised outside boards. These may include dance qualifications taken with the ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing) in Classical Ballet, Tap and Modern Dance. Voice and Prose and Acting examinations may also be taken through LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts).



Tuition Fees | £4325 (per term)

Audition Fee | £45 (non-refundable)

Deposit | A deposit will be required on acceptance of any place offered in order to hold

              your place at the School.


Italia Conti Theatre Arts School is a privately funded institution accredited by the Independent Schools Joint Council, which allows us to offer quality education and training as we are not restricted by government budgets. The school fees cover general education up to GCSE level and vocational training.


Students are advised that exam fees levied by the Examination Boards are in addition to the course fees quoted above. Students will be invoiced their exam fees upon application for entering an examination.


Terms and conditions apply upon acceptance to Italia Conti.


The Teacher Training course offers the following funding options:

- Private Funding

- Advanced Learner Loans

- Charitable Trusts and Foundations


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All prospective pupils must complete the school's application form in order to be formally considered for a place at Italia Conti. Auditions take place at various points during the year and the Scholarship audition usually takes place in the Spring term. Upon receiving your completed application form and audition fee, we will contact you to invite you to one of our audition dates. 

Entrance to this course is by audition only and our team of specialist course tutors interview and audition every applicant for this course. As well as a good general standard of education, we are looking for a degree of potential that can be developed, as well as a real interest in and commitment to the art of performance. 

Although not a necessity, previous experience in performing arts training is advised. Further entry requirements can be found here.


After completing the application process you will be invited to attend one of our audition days where you will be required to demonstrate a variety of skills. Information about auditions can be found below.


The Theatre Arts School provides education at Secondary School level for age 10 - 16 years and our unique course provides both academic studies and vocational performing arts training for pupils who aspire to become professional performers and follow a career in the entertainment industry. Pupils are able to join at any year group from year 7 up to year 10 at the beginning of any term.




A career in the entertainment industry is not so much a job as a way of life which demands very special qualities in those who join it. A career where one will work with relatively small groups of people very intensively for periods which may range from a few hours for some commercial work to a couple of years for West End shows and television series requires social skills of the highest order. 

To be able to cope with success and rejection with equal clarity is a very special life skill, best learned when young and in the company of others for whom the experience is 'normal'. Self belief and confidence with an accurate appreciation of one's strengths and weaknesses is an essential quality best developed by the regular setting and achievement of achievable goals by pupils. 

The Theatre Arts School has high expectations of its pupils and in return our most successful pupils set themselves even higher standards. Our pupils try hard, are creative, talented and do achieve in an environment where they are supported, get real enjoyment and satisfaction from their classes and have lots of fun. Pupils have strong relationships with their peers and professional, warm and supportive relationships with their teachers. Success requires huge reserves of personal courage and pupils are encouraged to improve their own standards rather than compete with each other – we are a small school preparing for a huge industry - the competition is with those outside. Italia Conti pupils learn from each other, enjoy each other's company and laugh a lot! The Theatre Arts School is a great place to learn, to train and to grow up!




Pupils take part in a variety of performances throughout the year at various venues, including our in-house performances. Our main show takes place each year in the Summer and is usually performed in a West End theatre.


Representation by the Italia Conti Agency allows pupils the chance to gain real professional experience in a huge range of productions from film to the West End. Selected pupils are given the opportunity to audition and undertake professional performing work. A number of pupils have left the school with their first career steps firmly established.


What makes Italia Conti completely unique is that our pupils can stay with us from Key Stage 3 level and work right through to degree level, with our higher education courses offered for ages 16+, all of which are highly acclaimed and continually achieve outstanding results. Year 10 and 11 pupils in particular are supported by staff in choosing the best learning pathway for their talents and skills, whether it be at Italia Conti or elsewhere. The principal and head teacher are available to speak to year 11 pupils and their parents to give advice. Year 10 and 11 pupils also have the opportunity to see our 16+ student shows during the year.

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