It is my pleasure as Headteacher to welcome you to the Italia Conti Academy Theatre Arts School webpage. We are a small, well known community with high aspirations for each of our pupils. Our young pupils are ambitious and passionate about their development as professional performers. They are keen to learn and are committed to their career in the performing arts.

Life as an Italia Conti pupil is very diverse and rewarding. We offer a carefully structured vocational curriculum led by our valued professional team of experts. Our small tuition groups provide a highly motivating and successful academic pathway. We are proud of our team of dedicated staff who offer a creative an inspiring environment for our pupils.

As a 'Conti' pupil, your journey through each phase of your career is meticulously supported and extended by the Academic and the Vocational team to ensure that you achieve your full potential. Our offer is further enhanced by the extensive opportunities provided by our proximity to famous theatres, museums and galleries.

Our alumni have gone on to study a wide variety of reputable courses and have gained professional acclaim. Many are well known and highly respected members of the theatre arts world. Our pupils are encouraged by the many successes and achievements of their fellow school members such as Pixie Lott, Layton Williams, Daniel Mays, Matthew James Thomas, Kedar Williams-Sterling to name a few.

To arrange your personal tour of the school, please contact the school office on 0207 608 0044.

We look forward to welcoming you to our 'School for Stars'.

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Karen Dwyer-Burchill
Head Teacher

School for Stars




THEATRE ARTS SCHOOL (10-16 years old)
Accredited by The Independent Schools Joint Council

Having been a by-word in theatre training for generations, Italia Conti is the preferred choice for most parents seeking a broad based, sound and effective academic and theatre arts education for their child. The Theatre Arts School excels in its provision in three essential areas for a young person; education, training and personal development.

Whilst most young people choose to join The Theatre Arts School because they wish to start training for a lifelong career in 'show business', Academy staff are conscious of the need to ensure that all Theatre Arts School graduates have the widest possible range of choice available to them at sixteen.
Pupils study a range of academic subjects – English, Mathematics, Science, Spanish, History and Art to Key Stage 3 and add GCSEs in Drama and Dance during Years 10 and 11. The GCSE pass rate is excellent with the Academy topping the local borough in the annual DFES league table of results. Whilst the majority of our pupils opt to go on to further study with the Academy, those who choose to pursue a different course find their entry facilitated by their Italia Conti experience.

Today's Italia Conti pupils will be the leaders of the entertainment industry of tomorrow. As such they must acquire the highest standard of skill in the exposition of their art and also an intuitive understanding of the basic concept of entertainment. Our pupils are 'thinking performers' whose careers can be expected to break new ground in an industry which is continually changing and forever seeking new media outlets. Pupils gain a firm grasp of traditional skills in ballet, tap, modern and jazz dance, musical theatre, acting and singing in an environment where their colleagues exude talent and imaginative creativity. With teachers whose training, experience and understanding of the needs of the industry are second to none, this is a recipe for outstanding success.

A career in the entertainment industry is not so much a job as a way of life which demands very special qualities in those who join it. A career where one will work with relatively small groups of people very intensively for periods which may range from a few hours for some commercial work to a couple of years for West End shows and television series requires social skills of the highest order.
To be able to cope with success and rejection with equal clarity is a very special life skill – best learned when young and in the company of others for whom the experience is 'normal'. Self belief and confidence with an accurate appreciation of one's strengths and weaknesses is an essential quality best developed by the regular setting and achievement of achievable goals by pupils.
Representation by the Italia Conti Agency allows pupils the chance to gain real professional experience in a huge range of productions from film to the West End. A number of pupils have left the Academy with their first career steps firmly established. The Theatre Arts School has high expectations of its pupils and in return our most successful pupils set themselves even higher standards. Our pupils try hard, are creative, talented and do achieve in an environment where they are supported, get real enjoyment and satisfaction from their classes and have lots of fun. Pupils have strong relationships with their peers and professional, warm and supportive relationships with their teachers. Success requires huge reserves of personal courage and pupils are encouraged to improve their own standards rather than compete with each other – we are a small school preparing for a huge industry - the competition is with those outside. Italia Conti pupils learn from each other, enjoy each other's company and laugh a lot! The Theatre Arts School is a great place to learn, to train and to grow up!!

£4325 per term

General education to G.C.S.E. Level and Vocational Training 
This course is accredited by the Independent Schools Joint Council. 

Entry to this course is by audition and applicants should apply by completing in full the audition application form and returning it together with the audition fee, a full length photograph with their name and address clearly printed on the back, and previous school report or college/employment reference.

Students are advised that places are limited and application forms should be returned as soon as possible.


Academic Studies: Art, English, Spanish, GCSE dance, GCSE drama, history, mathematics, personal & social education, religious education, science.
Vocational Subjects: Acting & voice related skills (including LAMDA), classical ballet, modern dance, musical theatre & production, jazz, singing, tap. Pupils who achieve the necessary skill levels are encouraged to take external examinations in theatre disciplines with recognised outside boards.



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THEATRE ARTS SCHOOL (10-16 years old)
Accredited by The Independent Schools Joint Council

We know that moving from one school to another whether from primary to secondary or to a more specialist environment can be a life changing decision for your child. Our school has chosen a range of practices to support your child's transition including: induction days; the sharing of information between schools; visits to our school by prospective teachers, children and their parents; distribution of curriculum booklets; talks at the schools; taster days and a range of social events.

Our objective is to ensure that your child feels fully prepared on entry to Italia Conti.

Our pupils enjoy excelling and are always keen to share their experience so an informal visit to our school is highly recommended in considering our well acclaimed school!

Year 7 is the first entry point to the performing world of the Italia Conti Academy Theatre Arts School. We know how important it is to ensure our young pupils settle quickly into our exciting programme. We offer a range of induction activities and open morning visits to prepare our new pupils.

Working closely with our new families and children, we endeavour to ensure that our pupils are well prepared for the Italia Conti academic and vocational training alongside the practicalities of joining a popular central London school situated alongside many famous landmarks such as Sadler’s Wells, The Barbican and St. Pauls Cathedral to name a few.

The school welcomes visits from prospective pupils throughout the year on an informal basis and they are given the opportunity to see our famous school in action. Teachers are always very welcoming and happy to showcase their pupils’ achievements. Our current pupils are also keen to share their experience as a Conti pupil and will happily take time out to support our Year 7 endeavours.

New pupils and parents are invited to our Induction Day in July where they meet our present Year 7 pupils. Student Council are also involved and are always keen to share their experience of Italia Conti life such as their first day in “The School Room”, the trips they have enjoyed, the events they have taken part in including shows or fund raising for various charities.

The school also follows a specific personal, social, citizenship, health and education programme for each year group and Year 7 meet their tutor each week for their own personal induction to school life. Our well regarded assemblies meet daily and we end each week with a whole school achievement assembly.

Our second formal entry to the Theatre Arts School takes place toward the end of Year 9. This is a very exciting time for our 13+ entries as they are actively choosing a path that is highly creative and incredibly rewarding.

In Year 10 and 11 pupils continue to study a range of subjects at GCSE level and Dance and Drama are added to the GCSE provision from Year 10. The subjects offered at Italia Conti endeavour to enhance our pupils learning giving them a fully rounded curriculum choice of the arts, humanities and languages alongside our core subjects, maths, English and science.

Over Year 10 and 11 pupils follow a two-year GCSE course for most subjects though some of our subjects will also begin GCSE guidance in Year 9, particularly in science and drama. Our new entrants are invited to attend a number of induction days during the summer term to ensure that they are prepared for the new curriculum. Our teachers offer a summer holiday pack in anticipation of the September start. New pupils are also invited on induction trips to help them settle quickly with their peers.

Towards the end of Year 10 pupils are given the opportunity to apply to become a Prefect and in Year 11. This is a very rewarding responsibility and our prefects are well respected members of our school community. Being a prefect gives our pupils the opportunity to formally mentor the younger member so of school and they are very active in charity campaigns and whole school consideration.

There are a variety of pathways that our pupils can choose from 16+ years of age and we always endeavour to support our pupils interests by giving individual advice and guidance alongside a careers programme. Careers interviews take place early in the Autumn Term.

Year 11 are invited for an interview with the Head teacher, to discuss Mock Examinations, predicted grades and examination entries and to discuss transition into the 16+ provision here at Italia Conti or further afield. Our teachers are also very active in supporting and stretching our young people’s expectations in order to ensure that our pupils are successful and well motivated.

Year 11 pupils are encouraged to work with younger pupils through assembly, charity and enrichment events in ensuring that they are fully involved in school life. We also offer a variety of experiences to our students in preparing them for the working world and our students are encouraged to work with our staff in ensuring that they are prepared for life beyond Italia Conti.

What makes Italia Conti completely unique is that our pupils can stay with us through to degree standard and our pupils also work alongside the different stages in education from Key Stage 3 to Higher Education!

Our Vice Principal regularly visits the school each year to speak to our Year 10 and 11 students regarding further education at Italia Conti. Our 16+ provision is highly acclaimed and continuously achieves outstanding results. Please refer to our most recent OFSTED report. Our Head teacher and Principal are also available to speak to our Year 11 students and parents in regard to choosing the best learning pathway for their talents and skills.

Year 10 and 11 are also given opportunities to see our acclaimed 16+ students’ shows during the year and our Heads of Department are always willing to give guidance to potential students from Year 11.



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THEATRE ARTS SCHOOL (10-16 years old)
Accredited by The Independent Schools Joint Council

The Italia Conti Academy Theatre Arts School provides a well balanced, academic curriculum. This ensures that as many options as possible are kept open to students for specialisation in the Sixth Form or beyond.

Year 7- 9 pupils study a range of subjects and they are taken through to GCSE level. Year 10 and 11 study a core curriculum of English Language and Literature, Mathematics and Science. In addition pupils also study Art, Spanish, History, Drama and Dance. Fitness classes are also available to all of our students along with our extensive vocational provision of Acting, Dance, Singing, Song and Movement, Music Theatre to name a few!

The changing demands in GCSE expectations means that the curriculum is under constant review and as an independent school we have the autonomy to monitor and initiate an innovative programme appropriate to our pupils. Our school retains the best elements of a traditional education whilst embracing the most useful aspects of current educational thought.

We see our pupils as individuals and maximise achievement through small teaching groups and highly qualified and skilled staff. This is a major benefit to our pupils.

The academic team monitor the academic and pastoral care of each pupil and work closely with our Italia Conti parents. Full reports are sent home every half term following formal examinations. This in depth provision ensures that parents are kept well informed of their child’s progress. There is an annual meeting between parents and subject teachers for each Year group and parents are always welcome to visit school at any time during the academic year. Homework is an essential part of the learning programme and all pupils are given a homework timetable and homework planner to help them organise their time. Parents play a vital role in monitoring homework and excellent communication is in place through email, telephone and pupil’s planner.


Course Content




THEATRE ARTS SCHOOL (10-16 years old)
Accredited by The Independent Schools Joint Council

Vocational Subjects: Acting & voice related skills (including LAMDA), classical ballet, modern dance, musical theatre & production, jazz, singing, tap. Pupils who achieve the necessary skill levels are encouraged to take external examinations in theatre disciplines with recognised outside boards.

TAS Example timetable




Exam Results





EXAMINATION RESULTS                                                                                           

Please click below to download the latest statistics on our pupils Examination Results

GCSE 2015-2016 (with year on year comparisons)

VOCATIONAL 2015-2016

Parents Evening




Parents Evening for your child/ward which is taking place on Thursday 16th March (Year 8 & 9), Tuesday 21st March (Year 10). Parents evening will commence at 17:00 and finish at around 20:00. 



Stage Scholarship


Photo by Elina Kansikas (for The Stage) 




The audition date will be Wednesday 22nd March 2017.


Applicants must be entering years 7 to 10 in Autumn 2017 and have prior training in Dance, Drama and Singing.


ISI Inspection

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ISI INSPECTION 2016                                                                                                       

22nd April 2016

Dear Parents,

I am pleased to attach here the final report based on the Independent Schools Inspectorate in March 2016.

The inspection was not expected to be qualitative as the inspection process has now been split into two areas. The inspection we undertook was to ensure that the school was fully compliant in all of the aspects as outlined by Anne Sheward in her previous letter to you.

We are very happy with the final report and the school will continue to build on the good progress seen and utilise the framework for assessment in monitoring pupil progress. The curriculum, plans and schemes of work will continue to be reviewed and developed according to the school cycle in order to support, enhance and extend teaching and learning.

Pupil well being will continue to be underpinned by the school’s core values and effective behaviour management.

The school will actively continue to build on current practice by reviewing the School Evaluation for 2016 along with the school’s development plan and other monitoring reports.

Thank you for your continued support and I hope you have an excellent summer term.

Yours faithfully,

K Dwyer-Burchill
Head Teacher


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